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Lecture 10

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3012
Tara Haas

Page 54 Non-chemical regulation of respiration - Control the size of the lungs - Completely independent of partial pressure and oxygen levels - Relies completely on degree of lung inflation Respiration Summary - Homeostasis of respiration - Changes in oxygen levels or CO2 levels - Detected by Mechanoreceptors which cause a firing rate - Firing rate goes through the afferent pathway - Integrating centre detects the firing rate and sends signals through the efferent pathway - Signals received by effector *diaphragm & lung* - Affects contraction of lungs, rate and depth of breath - Change in output (O2, pH, CO2) - How the changes in output causes the levels of O2, CO2, pH goes back to normal Page 55 - The starting increase in exercise is not the increase you get in ventilation - The sudden increase in ventilation is because of neural inputs - The motor cortex sends signals to your muscles and respiratory centre to exercise - Within muscles, spindle muscles, they measure lengthening and shortening of muscle - Spindle muscles sends signals to the respiratory system that the muscles are lengthening/shortening during exercise - Receptors also send signals to the respiratory system during joint movement and bending - Nerves transmit information very fast, so we don't lag behind the oxygen requirement - Humoral portion = slow change of ventilation - Epinephrine increase in the kidney - Potassium builds up as you start to exercise, respiratory centre detects the increase in potassium because of increase muscle contraction - During exercise, increase in temperature during exercise increases breathing rate - All the receptors send inputs into the respiratory centre that you stopped exercise and shuts off immediately - Your epinephrine and potassium levels drop Graph - Oxygen pressure never changes - Drop in CO2 means you're hyperventilating, because you're breathing out too much
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