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Lecture 11

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Humber College
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3012
Tara Haas

Page 58 - Blood transports things *learned in chapter before* - Regulates temperature, warm blood from the core travels to other parts of the body Page 59 - Pulmonary system, heart --> lungs --> heart *low pressure* - Arterial system, 11% of our blood, high pressure system - Venous system, 60% of our blood, low pressure system after goes through organs The heart - Ability to change pressure because of muscle contraction Page 60 - Valves that allow the control of blood flow which are only 1 way - Opened by different pressures on both sides of the valve - Valve close (Low pressure Low pressure) *Atrium contract The heart - Fibrous rings, stability and structure because exposed to high pressures - Right AV, tricuspid valve, Left AV bicuspid valve - 2 smaller blood vessels, semilunar valves Page 61 - Similar to skeletal muscles, but skeletal muscles contract as a group - Making the heart smaller, decreases volume, increases pressure - Gap junction, allows ion transfer which allows changes in membrane potential. Depolarization can continuously transfer onto the next cell and cause contraction. - Heart can be hormonally controlled by epinephrine, etc. Conducting System Extra slides page 16 - Starts in the sinoatrial node, *part muscle, part nerve, specialized tissue* - Spr
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