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Lecture 12

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Kinesiology & Health Science
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KINE 3012
Tara Haas

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Page 64 - How we regulate heart rate and pace maker potential - No different than any other action potential, when it reaches threshold - As it gets closer to threshold, membrane potential increases - Positive charges are entering the cell - Na and Ca enter the cell, K leaves the cell - K channels close and Na channels open - When threshold is reached Ca channels open, calcium leads to the action potential fire - Calcium channels stays open for awhile, huge rush in of positive charge into the cell - Cardiac muscle action potential triggering At maximum membrane potential - Increased potassium levels leak out through opened K channels - Membrane potential decreases back to normal - If our low resting heart rate, it allows us to increase it to a 100 APs/minute Page 65 - AV nodes do not beat on their own Cardiac action potential - You can't have another firing within 250msec - If your heart doesn't relax, it can't fill with blood - Heart has leaky K channels, K is allowed to come out, drops to -90 mV - As more Na enters into the cell, more Na channels open *positive feedback* Page 66 - Hit maximum really fast, Na channels close - Opening of Ca channels to allow Ca into the cell, causing a slow drop in membrane potential *closes slowly* - This allows the heart the heart to relax and fill with blood again - K channels
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