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Lecture 15

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3012
Tara Haas

Dr. Haas, all material will be from course text, lecture will be taken from course notes, use textbook to gain better understanding of course notes Page 85 The Vascular System - You are able to see the structure of your whole body through vascular network - Because all cells require to be very close proximity for diffusion - You require many blood vessels to maintain the oxygen requirement The Brain Circulation - Flooded with blood vessels to ensure neurons have sufficient oxygen - The ability of blood vessels to provide an adequate working condition for the brain Page 85 - Vascular system, be able to deliver blood and oxygen to all parts of the body - Distribution of blood is smart, it has selective amounts of blood delivered to different parts of the body. - e.g. the amount of blood in the brain is different from your legs due to different requirements of oxygen, dependent on the metabolic requirements of the tissue - Organized and deliberate way of blood distribution which can be adapted according to requirements - The figure represents the fraction of blood distribution within resting conditions - The amount of blood in the skin is dependent on the surrounding conditions, - if the place is cold, less perfusion of blood in the skin - if it's hot like a sauna, increased perfusion of blood in the skin - Vascular network within the skin can help lose heat through the skin during sweating. While in order to maintain body temperature, blood is withdrawn from the skin - Look at notes for other functions of vascular system Page 8
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