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Skilled Performance and Motor Learning Lecture Notes.docx

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3020
Denise Henriques

Skilled Performance and Motor Learning Lecture Notes Topic 1 Motor Control and MovementHuman Motor Control is the study of postures and movements and the mechanisms that underlie themHuman movement o walk talk sing smile o play sports musical instruments o use tools computers o drive cars machines even simple behavior use many parts of the brainseeing the ballvisual corticesmotivationamygdala and hypothalamusplanningpremotor cortex many motor control areas involved in returning the ball Topic 1Introduction to the Nervous SystemCentral Nervous SystemCNS brain and spinal cord Peripheral Nervous System PNS peripheral nerves and ganglia o outside spinal column o PNS brings information to the CNSCNS and PNSseparated anatomically but are functionally interconnected o They work togetherPeripheral Nervous System 2 subdivision somatic and autonomicSomatic body movements information tofrom the CNS about muscle and limb position and the external environmenttouch hearing sightAutonomic movements not under control motor system for viscera smooth muscle and exocrine glandsregulates our internal organshas 2 more subdivision sympathetic and parasympatheticsympathetic is responsible for the flight or fight responseparasympathetic is responsible for digestionprocesses at restCentral Nervous System consists of 7 main regions o spinal cord o medulla o ponso midbrain o cerebellum o thalamus diencephalonbetween the brain o cerbral hemispheresforebrain Brainstem the portion of the brain that is continuous with the spinal cordserves as the integrating link between the spinal cord and the higher brain levelscontrols many lifesustaining processes such as breathing circulation and digestionorigin of the majority of the peripheral cranial nervesmade up of o medulla o pons o midbrain Medullaextension of the spinal cord for the neck and headregulates critical life support systemsPonsfunctions as a connection between higher brain regionsconnects the cerebellum and spinal cordimportant for REM sleepMidbraincontrol of reflective eye and arm movementscontrols arousal and awarenessRoad Map to Nervous System3 planes o rostralcaudal OR anteriorposterior o superiorinferior
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