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Cerebellum Topic 8 Pathik.docx

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3020
Merv Mosher

Cerebellum Topic 8 Learning Objectives - To understand and explain the structure and function of the cerebellum with specific emphasis on its role in motor learning Anatomy and Functions - Cerebellum has more gyri than the cerebral cortex - If the cerebellum were to be removed there would be no muscle weakness or loss of perception FUNCTIONS - Cerebellum functions to regulate movement and posture indirectly by adjusting output of major descending motor systems (no communication with motor neurons) - Voluntary Movement o Timing device: correct order of muscles and correctly moving the muscles o Coordination: movement of multi joints, such as when we should flexing and extending o Comparator: compensates for errors in moment by comparing sensory feedback with intention of motor plan - The spinocerebellum receives somatosensory inputs - The lateral part of the cerebellum gets information from the corticopontine ANATOMY -
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