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Lecture 9

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3030
William Gage

Starts on page 4! Skeletal muscle function: - Concentric: tension with shortening - Isometric: - Force output of a muscle allows us to move - Do you need an antagonist muscle contraction during an activity which requires muscle force? No - Agonist? Yes - Agonist muscle can be an eccentric contraction Behavioural properties of the musculotendinous unit - Stretch shortening cycle – e.g jump - If I go down and immediately go back up, my jump will be higher as opposed to if I stayed down and then jumped up - Cross bridge will be stretched - Eccentric contraction – (when muscle is stretched) followed immediately by concentric contraction - Elastic tissues store potential energy which is then released along with the force produced by the contractile component during concentric contraction - There remains debate about how this happens and is controlled Muscular strength - Muscle velocity depends on what the joint is doing - Depends on instantaneous factors - Direction of force of the muscle is along the line of action - Image: Draw a line between origin of insertion and that gives you the line of action - Line of action splits that turns the muscle (joint- rotary component) perpendicular to bone and one that is along the bone itself – when not at 90 degrees - Muscle force is more a stabilizing component that more I straighten my arm Muscle force length relationship - The tension in rope will not be as great as it would be if both teams moved closer and every single member had their hands on the rope and was pulling – think of cross bridges as hands on rope – the more hands you have the more force you de
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