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Linear Kinematics of a Projectile Lecture Notes Clear and concise notes taken during lecture. (Received an A)

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3030
William Gage

Linear Kinematics of a Projectile Projectile Motion  A projectile is a body that only has the forces of gravity (vertical) and air resistance (horizontal) acting upon it  If something has “lift” ie an airplane wing then there are other forces acting upon it—not a projectile  Horizontal and vertical components are analyzed separately Kinematics of Projectile Motion  The pattern of change in the vertical velocity of a projectile is symmetrical about the apex (ie halfway through the flight)  If you drop a ball or throw a ball at an angle you have the same acceleration (9.81 m/s for gravity) and thus the same vertical velocity Projectile Trajectory  Defined as the flight path of the centre of gravity of a projectile Factors Influencing Trajectory  Angle of projection o Increase in angle=increase in vertical, decrease in horizontal; 45
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