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Relationship between Angular and Linear Kinematics Clear and concise notes taken during lecture. (Received an A)

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3030
William Gage

Relationship between Angular and Linear Kinematics DisplacementWhile every part of an object moving about an axis has the same angular displacement each part of the object has a different linear displacement o Ie you farther you are from the axis of rotation the greater the amount of linear displacement for the same amount of angular displacement o The linear displacement is radius x angular displacement VelocityLinear tangential velocity of a point is equal to the radius from the axis to the point times angular velocity o Where would you want a bat to hit a ballFurther away from the axis of rotation so there is greater linear velocity o To make a long shot in golf you need a longer club farther away from the axis of rot
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