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Lecture 1

KINE 3350 Lecture 1: Jan 5th

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3350
Kathy Broderick

Jan 5 2017 Physical activity, health and Aging Professor: Kathy Brodrick Exam format: All short answer st 1 midterm – 30% Final exam – 35% An aging society - Their life is harder/more challenging because of what they cannot do - “Old” isn’t a set age – some people feel old when they are 40 or 50 or 60 it depends - For the elderly old age is always 15 years older than they are - You cant stop aging - At 65 you become a senior – they are a very diverse group even if they are categorized as a clump - In different countries “seniors” is defined differently – in Nairobi old women have to practice martial arts to protect them selves from rape - Age is not experienced by those in the health industry – they just project it because dr. aren’t old they don’t know how old people now The effect of aging on family - Our parents are the baby boomers; The sandwich generation – looking after their parents and looking after their own kids - The child keeps care of their parents and their own children – its challenging and they must make sacrifices which effects their jobs and health - Usually the unmarried daughter keeps care of the elderly; in certain countries it’s the eldest male - Club sandwich generation – the boomers are keeping care of their parents, their kids and their kids’ kids - Multi generation homes are increasing in Canada - Is it true that 15% of the aged are living in lo
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