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Lecture 2

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3350
Kathy Broderick

9/12/2013 8:23:00 AM Continuation of the definitions GERONTOLOGY:  Examines how aging affects the individual and impacts the society  Geron and ontus – meaning old man Notes from Kathy  Canada has the largest baby boomer popn of any industrialized country  In 1998 – the attitude towards the old ppl changed to be more +ve o Active aging and successful aging are now new fields  Lots of research on aging/gerontology  Gerontology is a good area to pursue – hot field of research now GERIATRICS:  Lots of old ppl are misdiagnosed, mistreated and their problems are complex but treatable o If not treated they can be depleted very fast  Very few geriatric doctors – ~300 registered ones in Canada o This is why there are lots of misdiagnoses  Why no geriatric doctors? Not an exciting field to go into o Surgeons get to learn new techniques and get new findings so its more fun  Surgeon’s also fix things and make ppl well  Geriatric doctors are normally dealing with dementia  They also don’t make that much money (lower end of the pay rate than other doctors) o Since doctors are paid by how many ppl they see, they don’t want old ppl since they have more complex problems (they take a longer time)  Takes a lot of time to become a geriatric doctor – 10 years of med school  Old ppl seem to be happier with a doctor that speaks their own lang ST  Ppl have –ve ST’s of old ppl: depressed, stubborn, forgetful, cranky, etc  Need to educate ppl on the elderly  Older ppl feel they become invisible  Old ppl like to maintain their social role i.e. wearing their clothes from 1970’s to still feel young  ST: don’t like young ppl  ST: always complaining about pain  Maybe afraid of old age/being independent  Are they afraid of death? Don’t fear it, but they don’t want their life to end  Oscar the cat: a cat that senses when an old person will die, and he will cuddle up with the old ppl until they pass away  Mean girl ST: study was done in Baycrest that found that there are “Mean girls” on walkers – new patients are isolated from the girls, until they want to hang with them o They take on the girls with a husband (like men) and they take on girls with a car +ve ST’s  good cooks  have wisdom  Overall, there are +ve and –ve ST’s – some ppl also present more of the –ve over the +ve AGEISM  Term coined by Butler in 1968 – famous gerontologist  Ageism is found when you need to buy a bday card for an old person o Either they make fun of the old ppl (very nasty jokes), or they’re just bland and boring  Having a “senior moment” is ageism  Ageism can go with racism and sexism also AGE GRADING  As ppl get older (40-50) they are looked upon with prestige  After 60-65: ppl look at them like they cant cope  Hard to get a job in your 60’s  Age grading is a question of competence o Not being able to look after your granddaughter  Can also go the other way, where they are given way too much responsibility  Responsibility is also taken away from some ppl o Being too old to help in the kitchen – “Go and relax” instead of cooking and cleaning the kitchen  Slowly they start believing that they are old and useless AGE NORMS  An 80 old women wearing slutty clothing would look really weird to ppl COHORT  A lot of old ppl go through the same experiences  WWII – fought in it or fled from a war country  Depression – wondered where their next meal is coming from  Lived through the electronic age – microwaves  smart phones  Our cohort: o Technology, terrorism, natural disasters, protests (Syria) VALUES  Age groups have different values – can lead to conflict  Clothing (old ppl think we wear too little)  Marriage – dating some for 10 years before getting married  Women are too independent – live alone, don’t get married til older, etc.  Values change with age: o Now: money, relationship, fast car o Older: health, family  Older ppl impose their values on younger ppl o “in my days…” o older ppl sometimes exaggerate their hardships from when they were young ETHNICITY  Important to study this for aging, bc Canada has a huge group of ppl CULTURE  Do the elderly of different cultures in Canada embrace Canadian culture or keep their own o Some ppl assimilate, others don’t  What their finding in other countries of the world (European countries) –ethnic groups are a big problem: don’t learn the lang, and don’t assimilate i
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