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Lecture 4

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3350
Kathy Broderick

9/19/2013 8:25:00 AM Cont from lecture 3 ANTI AGING DENTISTRY  You can buy these things for your teeth where they claim you wont get wrinkles around your mouth  Dentists also can assess/give ppl botox ANTI AGING SEX  Says that in your 70-80s you should have the best sex of your life HEALTHY AGING Dr. Michael Roizen  Wrote a book for how to live longer  Made lots of money from it and went on all the talk shows  Said we have a Real Age (of 42)  We have a chrono age, but when you do everything that’s in his book, your real age would be 42  Book just advises you to live healthy Dr. Andrew Weil  Wrote a book called Healthy Aging  Links the interaction of the environment and aging – the organs of the body start failing when you get older  The decline of your organs is called Senescece – the ideal for healthy aging is to mature, have your plateau, and then decline  The real goal is to stay healthy, and diet and exercise are important DEMOGRAPHY Def: is the study of statistics, births, deaths and diseases i.e. the study of human popn  Boom, Bust and Echo – book by David Foot that talks about how the future of popn demographics will appear  Why is demography important o We know that less kids are born today (don’t plan on being a teacher, don’t open daycares) o Important to know when you should sell a house/where to buy a new house (for old ppl should be in an area that is easy to access things) o Retailing: need to open up things that are attractive to elderly Demographers  Are interested in popn dynamics  To study popn dynamics, demographers monitor: o Fertility – birth rate o Morbidity – proportion of diseased persons in a given nation o Mortality – death rate  The goal is to compress morbidity so that ppl can live long, but can be healthy until they get really old (this is the focus on gerontology today)  Ppl fear loss of the mind rather than the body st o 21 century is about research on brain health – many ppl will spend their elder life with dementia DEMOGRAPHICS – LOOK AT: 1. Size of a given popn  25% of the Toronto popn will be seniors by 2030 2. Birth and death rates  In some countries popns are increasing (they are having more babies, and ppl are also living longer) – Africa  In Canada, our popn is decreasing (less babies and more ppl living longer) 3. Immigration/Emigration  Many old ppl want to emigrate so they can be back with their families when they get old  To emigrate to Canada – need to be sponsored by a Canadian for 10 years, and they need to be healthy  Problems with Immigration: o Financial problems o Burden on the family o If their health deteriorates, who will take care of them (sometimes families cannot cope with them) 4. Geographical distribution  20% of ppl live in the rural and 80% live in larger cities  A lot of old ppl live in the cities, so we need to protect the elderly so they don’t go homeless  Need to have a good infrastructure i.e. good roads, subway access 5. Male/Female Composition  Females live longer than men and there are more of them 6. Ethnic Composition  We are multicultural  A lot of old ppl have their own homes in these areas i.e. little Italy  Do ppl that don’t live in those areas have social supports? 7. Conditions of life in the community: -Medical  We don’t have enough family doctors  Many ppl have to come to Toronto to see a specialist if they have a problem -Housing  Are the old ppl living in houses that are safe for them  Do they have subsidized housing/nursing homes in rural areas -Transportation  Do they need a car  Are buses available/how often are they available -Shopping and Banking  Can they do their shopping/banking -Social Life  Are there community centers – do they cater to the seniors or are there activities there for them  Demographers look at these to determine the mortality of seniors  Oakville – 40% of their seniors live with under 12,000 a year  Durham – turning seniors away from food banks 8. Age  Look at the difference between 65 and 80 to see their interests and
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