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Lecture 5

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3350
Kathy Broderick

9/24/2013 8:23:00 AM Cont from Lecture 4 ELDERLY IN THE WORLD State of the World’s Elderly:  Ignored  Abused  Denied health care  Deprived of rights  Lack of govt policy Examples of being ignored  In France – there was a heat wave and 80% of old ppl died – no one went to their houses to check in on them and a lot of doctors had left paris because of the wave  In Scar town – an elderly women was found outside her home frozen – ppl did not get involved to help her Examples of Abuse  There was a fire in a nursing home in Costa Rica – a lot of ppl died from the fire because they were tied to their beds Deprived of health care  In China, many elderly cannot afford health care; they have to also buy registration tickets to see a doctor  In Canada – a lady was sent home with two months to live – she lived longer, and the doctors wanted to take her machines away that were helping her live Deprived of rights  They don’t know that they have a right to work Lack of govt policy  Housing and transportation Increase in Elderly Popn  The elderly popn is increasing in both developed and developing countries  In developed countries – we became rich, and old  In developing countries – poor and old – they dont have good infrastructure, housing and etc Elderly in Poor Countries  Don’t have the healthcare we have  Don’t have pensions  Don’t have family – younger ppl have to move away to get jobs o Many ppl are left in rural areas or they move to the city and can become homeless  Houses in China – old ppl were put in shacks to live in Elderly in Over Populated Countries (i.e. Africa)  Live longer in African countries  They are being kept alive in these counties  These counties always use children in the ads to get money, hopefully they use this money for the elderly too AIDS and Age  Older women have less affected and so they are the target for rape – so they need to know how to protect themselves  Education is not given to ppl that are older  There has been an increase in HIV in the elderly  In Africa, many kids are cared for by their grandparents, bc their parents are wiped out by AIDS  Stephen Lewis – helps a lot of ppl with AIDS  Mandela’s son had AIDS and ppl started bring med care to Afirca once he had passes away and Mandela said he died of AIDS  Many ppl in Canada with AIDS – thinks it’s a stigma; there are housing areas for ppl with AIDS Humanitarian Crisis  Natural disasters – many old ppl are neglected and their more vulnerable to getting diseases  Wars – there are old ppl that have to go to refugee camps –\the old are very costly bc they are sick and cost more so sometimes they are rejected from the camps United Nations Human Development Index th  We are 4 in increasing longevity for old ppl Global World  Canada is good with helping other countries and the elderly Traditional forms of care is disappearing Nuclear Family  No longer do we have the nuclear family (mom, dad, the 2 kids and the dogs) Urbanization  Ppl have to leave the rural to get work in the city (leave the old) Women in the Workforce  Cant care for the old, since they work also now Old age benefits being squeezed  Govt cant pay to look after the old in their retirement (there are too many)  In Japan, there are laws that require you to look after your parents  When someone wants a job at Toyota, the parents are interviewed about their kid  Poor Law (developed in Canada during the depression) – required the kids to look after their parents; the law doesn’t apply anymore since the govt looks after them, but will slowly emerge again when the govt cant anymore DIVERSITY OF SENIORS 1. Men and Women  Finances – women have less money than men; women get paid less than men; they also need to take off more time to take care of their family  Health – women live longer o Men’s health- at higher risk for health problems; they were more likely to smoke and drink; genetically more predisposed to illness than women; also die of disease more than women  Also less likely to go to the doctor – 25% of the older men don’t have a family doctor (sign of weakness to be sick)  Men that have nice wives have a higher survival rate, since their wives send them to the doctor (this doesn’t happen with the reverse, since men don’t force women to go to the doctor) o Women’s health – women are in poor health for 7 years, where men are in poor health for 4 years (during the elderly years)  More women are in poverty which affects health  Die of heart disease more, more arthritis, depression  Suicide o Older adults have the highest rate of suicide in the adult groups – especially high in the 70s and 80s
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