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Lecture 8

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3350
Kathy Broderick

Lecture 8 10/3/2013 6:06:00 AM Midterm Exam- ACW307 Personality Types 1. Mature-Integrated  Happy; Satisfied with life; don’t fear death 2. Armoured Defensive  Ambitious; Aggressive; Stubborn; Want to keep working; don’t want to die; don’t successfully adapt to old age because they want to fight it (baby boomers might be like this) 3. Angry  Blame others; feel resentful; Jealousy; find fault with everything 4. Passive Dependent- Rocking chair  Sweet, don’t want to do much; get people to do all their work for them 5. Self Hater  depressed 6.Disorganized  Early stages of dementia; poor coping skills; Retirement  Retirement Age (average is 68 years)  Reasons fore retirement (Mandatory, some people don’t want to retire because their career gives them identity; workaholics)  What to do!  Where to live!  Negative Experience (some people don’t want to accept it)  Positive Experience (Some people embrace it) Successful Retirement 1. Finances (Men have always provided, want to leave their children with money; don’t want to ask their children for money) 2. Health (You can buy better health; If you are stressed about finances it will deteriorate your health) 3. Time Management (need balance in their life) 4. Interests (need to be meaningful) 5. Spouse/Partner (need someone to keep them company) Men see retirement as chilling, whrereas women see it as more housework to do! Atchley’s Theory of Retirement Adjustment 1. Pre- Retirement  People calling themselves retirement coaches, happens before you retire. Plan financially, have your spouse with you 2. Honeymoon  When you retire, chil
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