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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3350
Kathy Broderick

Volunteerism:  Challenge of volunteer centre o Canada is the second largest volunteer section in the world o Senior want to volunteer because they have time and want to give back to society o They find that these seniors remain healthy and happy o 2 Kinds of Volunteers:  Seniors that have been volunteering for a while  New volunteers (baby boomers) want to volunteer but they want to get something out of its more for self interest (paid for lunch, parking etc)  So it’s a challenge for the volunteer centre’s to deal with these people  As well a lot of the older volunteers have not been replaced when there are those that can do more Political Clout: - 2 0rganizations that have it Do they have it? YES  AARP o American association of retired people o They have 35 million members o Therefore any politician knows they need there votes o Therefore they have a huge influence in terms ofAmerican politics  CARP o Canada association of retired people o 0.5 million people o They still have political power o Changed road test law that you don’t have to do it every time after 80 o OHIP tried to cut back on drugs for old people and physiotherapy and CARP moved in and stopped that o They also have the first gay and lesbian and apartment in TO for seniors  One voice o Group in Canada o It even deals more on political matters o Deals with condition of seniors – fraud, elder abuse, affordable housing and transportation Political Clout Raging Granny’s – has political clout  Agroup in Canada  70+  They do protests in political events Ecogranny- from vancover Sue Ellen Cooper – has political clout  She realized that she was invisible  One day she wore a read hat and people really liked it  And from that she started the “Red Hat Society”  58,000 chapters all around the world And they address political issues Transportation:  Number 1 concern of seniors Modes:  Wheel Tran o Designed for old people o Unfortunately wheel tran is reducing drastically  Taxi o Now have bigger vans so they can deal with wheel chairs and walkers  Buses o They say by 2012 all busses will be elderly accessible o Wheel chair accessible etc o Soon bus shelter will be bigger  Subway o By 2030 they will be elderly friendly Pedestrians:  Crossing the road o 1/3 of pedestrians killed are seniors o We need longer lights for older people  Media o In 9 days there were 10 fatalities last year 6 of which were seniors o Media is helping the situation  Making Toronto more friendly o More handicap parking spaces  Scooters/strollers o Liability, since they can go very fast, and they take over the sidewalk and bike lanes o Strollers are also a liability since the stroller seat is much larger than the baby, and they run down people Marketing:  Read your audience – know what the seniors want  Senior discounts – old people love to say  Newspapers/magazines – more senior magazines  Moses Znaimer – Zoomers o Coined the phrase Zoomers o He owned much music, city tv, chum – he was the guy who marketed that whole area of life o He recognizes that the next market
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