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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3350
Kathy Broderick

31 Jan, 2012 Lecture Notes KINE 3350 The Sensory System  All knowledge come through this  We don’t pay attention to changes and disorders to the sensory system because they are very gradual 1. Vision Presbyopia - Loss of vison as part of the aging process Age Related Changes  Lens – become less able to focused because they become stiff and thick  Cornea – becomes thicker and results in distorted vision  Iris – color to the eye fades as you get older (they say if someone is sick you just look into their eyes – “the eyes are the window to the soul”) How Changes To visionAffect Behavior 1. Decreased VisualAcuity – cant see as well so need increased lighting 2. Slower Light and Dark Adaptation – falls occur, so its very important to have night lamps 3. Identification of Color – cant tell the difference between colours. 4. Decrease in Depth Perception Age Related Disorders 1. Cataracts  90% of seniors will get this  Unaware of it because its gradual  Vision become cloudy  50 years ago you would be blind with it but now you get surgery  Big waiting list for cataract surgery (90,000 ppl in Ontario) 2. Macular Degeneration – cells in macular loose function resulting in not being able to read, watch TV or drive (macula is in the eye retina) 3. Glaucoma – major cause of blindness ( pressure behind eyes cause optic nerve todamaged)  No way to know you have it other than Glaucoma test  Alot of pressure on optic nerve causing blindness 4. Low vision  Cant be fixed with glasses or contacts or anything  But someone developed a video camera that they can see everything through Presbyacusis – Loss of the ability to perceive sounds as party of the aging process 2. Hearing  Everybody has some hearing loss and its inevitable  Its cumulative – once you loose it, its gone ..(can lose due to changes in bone structure or wax)  Exposure to loud sound over a long period of time affecting hearing Age Related Changes 1. Sounds –( after 106dB hearing can be damaged; ipods are 106dB) 2. Behavior – if the changes to hearing affect this communication has to be repeated 3. Communication – you want to face the person on their good side, tal
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