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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3350
Kathy Broderick

Active Living Coalition for OlderAdults (ALCOA)  Tells old people how to exercise and how to do it and the benefits  Responsible for the physical activity guide Exercise Programs:  In Ontario – Ontario senior games where they compete in different regions of Ontario (they have winter and summer games)  Canada Senior Games – every province sends a team and they compete  World Master Games – top competitors compete Fitness Industry  Aging population is driving employment of fitness employees  The industry will start to blossom due to baby boomers Coaches:  Opening area Fitness Clubs  More senior fitness clubs  In 1982 Jane Fonda made an aerobic video at age 72 to Market seniors since she know there is a need  Boomeratise – the baby boomer will get hurt, it bound to happen, and they will want it fixed so there will definitely be a need Work Place Fitness - Vizor (drug company) already started freedom 66 Health Care in Canada Medicare - Tommy Douglas started it in Canada - In 1966 said that the government will pay for our medical bills Canada HealthAct – 5 components 1. Comprehensive Coverage – everything from hip replacements to heart valve replacement 2. Accessibility – only available on the basis of need and nothing else you can get that hip replacement 3. Universality – will cover every Canadian with a Health card 4. Portability – covered anywhere in the country with OHIP 5. PublicAdministration – paid for buy are taxes - Great health care act but it is getting reduced especially the Comprehensive coverage – too many new services and are expensive and PublicAdministration – because the government cant tax so much Implementation of Health Care - Its from are federal government who taxes everyone and then there are transfer payments to each province - And then each province can focus on what they want - Government 10 years ago put forth 41 billion to the provinces and that expires in March 2014 –
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