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KINE 3360
Hernan Humana

September 10, 2012  The only thing female slaves can control is their family, cannot control outside world  All things are inter-connected, no separate  Context: gender relations of the past and presents September 12, 2012 Next Reading: Only read to top of 23. Article  In sport, there’s plenty of feminism in sport and the history of gender  in article, male/female are equal but now they are not see it like that  appearance/bodies  slavery athletes machines  woman wear little outfit in magazine, guys are seen as their ability to do their game (score) than woman (body)  pretty athlete vs good athlete  Base/superstructure: culture and ideas o Economic determinist (Marx) where does ideas come from, found out it determine by economic relations or material condition of society (give rise to the idea/thoughts/culture of society) ex: tuition is based on society demands/ideas o Karl Marx –> Angela Davis (feminist in the black panther)  Historical materialism o Materialist conception of history- the idea of woman were different, can’t see slaves as human therefore can exploit them  Ideology of womanhood o Pg5/pg12 form of oppression: Ideology of felinity and slavery o Appear from people -> society, the change in economic changes machines, when the task is gone, then identity is gone o Sets of ideas o Came from by-product of industrialization o  Representation (ms) o Woman ideology is achieved by books/magazines…representation o Mediation (not a real thing) o Change economic o Author saying representation is important b/c is describe how you see someone o Hard to write a representation without mistakes o September 17, 2012 Terms: - Discourse (pg 10) - Metonymy (pg 8) - Totalizing (pg 10)  Recap o Manhood is not biological, its been made and always changing, challenged and new definition can be added to the ideology of manliness. o Dressed himself in jewelry and fur to show that he can fit in with white folks o Ideology of woman came first then men o Sport is gender specific  Gender historical process/ ideological (pg 7) o She showed that things change over time and men masculinity changes in dimension depending on how people see their body  Gender as race (pg 4, pg 25-26, pg29) o Became interchangeable o Relational o Identity is one assume that what is unique, who you are “I”  Everyone is different but yet are still the same/connected  Definition to be a man is possible if there is racial/gender inequality  Interconnected process, not just individual but connected between genders  Crisis of mase/ rise of commercial sports (pg 12-15)  Questions  What is historical materialism? o Superstructure changes ideology, changes social classes o Change economy = change in ideas  What’s ideology of femininity and how does it emerge? o Lower class citizen, lower than male, had no rights, was tortured through man showing off superiority, had to stay home and cook o By product of industrialization o Form of oppression, achieve through changes in media and economy o Form of sexism o Created superior and inferior at that point o Only affect middle class white woman o Didn’t affect black women because they were seen as equal as black men (doing the same work/same punishment) o Black people couldn’t afford not to work  What are “standards” of a new woman land? o Black women are descendent of hard work, perseverance, resistance, sexual equality o Question 2 and 3 are opposite, 2 was by man seeing on women, and 3 was painted my woman themselves  What is Davis critique of Harriet Beechar Stowe? o Sense of motherhood o Gentle o White woman in black face (she takes ideology of womanhood of white lady and transfer it to black) o She stood up for herself when her son was threatened o Black stood up because they hated slaves, she stood b/c of her son o Resistance as a mom September 19, 2012  Metonymy o A symbol to replace a word (suits mean high class, crown is a symbol for royality)  Discourse o Idea, the way you talk to someone, communication, how we express ideas  Totalizing o Stereotyping in a complete form, stereotyping in generalizing everyone in the category Discourse  Pg 24 historical method, this week’s reading is different than superstructure  Foucault is a writer, thinks we need to change things, saying base influence superstructure (both being power and ideas)  Luis athesson is with the superstructure  We don’t know which influence what  Discourse are set of ideas, like a web  Read page 23 to 30  Feminism is a way to take power away from woman  Pg 12, small scale -> large scale = unemployment  Middle class unemployed man 67 to 37 percent  Industrialization changes unemployment  Masculinity = self -restraint, then honesty doesn’t apply therefore masculinity is a problem  Both articles show how we see ourselves  The advancement of women affected the population of men  Manliness moves from internal process to an external process (personality -> physical body)  George bush wearing should pads to show masculinity to get votes Our physical body is very important but we invest in our physical activity into someone else (watching sport), this is because we have so much time Middle class people invest more time to sport (far row going crazier than front row), but higher class would have more leisure time Pg 22, masculine primitive – the people that do the work are idealized, slaves were put down but also put up because of their physical body and work = lost masculinity. This is because we have lost our masculinity body and we would want to get it back Pg 24-25, why gender is race and vise versa Discussion Paper - No intro/conclusion, no title page September 24, 2012  Civilization o Race: There is a hierarchy, certain rac
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