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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3430
Janelle Joseph

th Lecture #2 – January 10 2013. Introduction: Canadian History-Sport Highlights -1 assignment - think of sport in an artistic way. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sports are unavoidable -newspapers -televisions -architecture -fashion -medicine -personal planning- grocery stores putting chicken wings on sale because they know the super bowl is going on where are you when…? -personal nostalgia -emotional attachments -heated debates -sports are political Sports are avoidable - certain sports/facilities are unavailable -ice time for non-dominant groups - single-gender or co-ed teams for girls and women - dragon boat racing, muay thai, or kabadi in rural communities - space is sport- specific (not being able to play certain sports at certain places, not doing kaporera at a volleyball court) Political Athleticism Canadian History Sport Highlights Pre-contact Indigenous activities -eskimo (inuit) and other indigenous people were encountered, not “discovered” -games physical tests, competitions, recreation, dance -driving purpose: community, fun, survival skills, -driving purpose of games today: NHL capitalism (to make money) regional (city) competition, “Discovery, A Eurocentric Fallacy -since 2500C men sailed western waterways of Europe -Norwegians and Danes -Icelander Bjarni Herjolsson -Entry via Greenland -Why did they voyage to an unknown land? –to maintain their people, agricultural land, and fish 1450-1500 -explosion of European voyages -directly related to European renaissance -science, capitalism, individualism, Christianity, justifiable torture, military dominance -trading furs for European artifacts alongside genocide (90% population) Folk Games Characteristic Folk games Purpose and organization Task, loosely organized Scpe Local (prohibited interaction with other tribes) Role and structure differentiation Low role and structure differentiation (every person was able to play each role) Rules
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