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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3430
Janelle Joseph

Lecture #4- Jan 17 2013. Upper Canadian Traditional Games  Relatively unregulated public spaces -Taverns (most important social space of the 1800’s)*. They were hotel or motel that could provide shelter and alcohol and food. They were a place of fights and public brawling. Men went there to socialize and be with one another. Used for social networking and social capital (in regards to jobs). This was the public square. Many laws were being made during this era. The elite classes were not there only the lower classes were, because the elites were making laws and regulations about what could happen within the taverns -rivers -fieldsissue of hunting established by all men. It was essential to defining masculinity to all men. The hunting practices to some men were in need to be regulated in which the elite wanted to regulate the aboriginal men’s hunting. Q: how were the aboriginals, fur traders, and british gentlemens hunting practices different? A: substances (food, clothing for survival) vs. hunting for sport (elite) Q: What values were imposed by hunting laws? A: special restrictions, how many animals you can kill, which animals you can kill per season. The British imposed civilized values on the aboriginals such as the fact that instead of hunting for animals, killing it, then eating it which was barbaric to the elite , it would be thought to be better to move into the city, work normal everyday jobs and hunt for fun. -garrisons Canada in 1867  Political desire to create a “nation”  Main confederation motives?  # 1. Fears of U.S expansion  #2 north-south economic axis and wanted to maintain to be East-West  #3 protect and grow agricultural and manufacturing base in central Canada -based on agricultural implements and science advancements made in Ontario and quebec  Four priority policies: 1)tariff protection- series of important taxes on foreign-produced goods. Its aim is to keep jobs in Canada 2)building railways- late 1800’s. -over 5000km of track -laid transcontinental -10.4 million hectares of public land -$ 63.5 million in public funds, $35million in government
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