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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 3430
Janelle Joseph

Lecture #5 19 century industrialized Canadian (sport) history Industrialization -transformation of lower and upper Canada, from rural economy (fur trading) to the building of factories (moving people into the cities for the workers of the factories). -change in values of the way people understood their time and place -by 1900’s 82% of Canadian manufacturing took place in Ontario and quebec -“Industrial Space”- maintaining the old (homes) and brining in the new high rise buildings -transformation of how we understand space -“Industrial Time”- you have a shift of work. Ex (8-5) You go to work and then go home. Before that people didn’t have shift work because they just worked the land at their homes. Urbanization Toronto 1851 (30,775) and 1911(381,833)- people came in from Europe (Scotland, wales, france, Italy) Late 19 century -capitalist society: people made money and spent it on homes and goods -cities had a “high degree of residential segregation” -few Victorians believed in social equality though upward mobility was a dominant ideoplogy -ongoing assumptions in Canada that racial minorities have recently arrived -Halifax black population was a substantial minority (U.S Loyalists, immigrants from the Caribbean or US.) in 1880’s -Elite blac
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