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Kinesiology & Health Science
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KINE 3480
Philip Blackford

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Safety 5 Things CDC Determines Will Increase Life Expectancy (by 11 years) 1. Exercise (4X a week) 2. Balanced Diet 3. Moderate drinking 4. Not smoking 5. Wear a seatbelt Some stats from the articles  Pay attention to the funding behind the studies (is there a hidden agenda?)  Who is included in the sample?  How are the terms of the study being defined? o Is emotional abuse considered “abuse”? –operant definition  Level of challenge—beginner, intermediate, expert? Average number of Fatalities per 1 million hours (Glenda Hanna)  Adventure Based Programming: 0.5  USA Average: 0.1  MVA (driving): 0.7 Average number of injuries per 1 million hours  Sports and Recreational Games: 485  Downhill Skiing: 273  Climbing (of all sorts): 97  Backpacking: 48  Lectures/Classes: 12 5 Things Most Dangerous/Risky in OEE Programs (Blackford)  Drowning  Heat and Cold (hyperthermia, hypothermia)  Lightning STAHP  Allergic Reactions o Anaphylactic shock  Appendix and Gastrointestinal Definitions for Safety Management  Ducks lining up/lemons in a line: often accidents happen because of many things happening— the more negative things there are, the higher the risk of something bad happening  Invisible Safety Net: create an atmosphere of safety awareness for everyone participating o Rational approach to safety management o The participant needs to be just as concerned as the instructor  Safety Antenna: trust your gut/pay attention to intuition o Use your second brain (solar plexus)—NOT your penis  Non-blaming Culture: create a culture where it’s okay to make mistakes o Encourage people to
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