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Kine 4020 Course Outline 2012

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 4020
Olasunkanmi Adegoke

York University Faculty of Health School of Kinesiology and Health Science KINE 4020 3.0 Human Nutrition Winter Term 2012 The course starts with an introduction to nutrition and diet planning. This is followed by basic digestion and absorption concepts, and an examination of energy and regulatory nutrients. The course concludes with an examination of the applied nutrition areas of sport nutrition and body weight regulation. Physical activity and health relationships are integrated throughout the course. INSTRUCTORS Olasunkanmi Adegoke, PhD Roger Kelton, PhD 362 Bethune College 344 Bethune College Extension: 20887 Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Office hours: by appointment Office hours: by appointment TEACHING ASSISTANTS TBD PRE-REQUISITE HH/KINE 2020 3.0 Introduction to Health HH/KINE 2031 3.0 Human Anatomy HH/KINE 3011 3.0 Human Physiology I PRE-REQUISITE OR CO-REQUISITE HH/KINE 4010 3.0 Exercise Physiology TIME AND LOCATION Section M: M,W,F 10:30 am – 11:30 am SLH D Section N: M,W,F 11:30 am—12:30 pm CSE A First class is Wednesday, January 4, 2012 Last class is Monday, April 2, 2012 No classes Reading Week, February 18-24, 2012 EXPANDED COURSE DESCRIPTION The course starts with an introduction to nutrition science and diet planning. Basic digestion and absorption processes are examined, followed by an investigation of the energy nutrients: carbohydrates, lipids and proteins, and the regulatory nutrients: vitamins, and macro- and micro- minerals. In the second part of the course the areas of sport nutrition and body weight management are examined. Physical activity, metabolic inter-relationships, and health associations are applied throughout the course. Course Learning Objectives- Purpose of the course: The purpose of the course is to provide students with a basic understanding of the physical and psychological relationship between food and human health. Included will be information about the energy and regulatory components in foods and their critical role in growth, development, disease prevention and mental and physical capacities. Specific Objectives: 1. Gain an understanding of energy and regulatory nutrients role in supporting physical activity and exercise. Students will learn about the processes involved in the digestion and absorption of energy and protein nutrients, and they will be able to discuss the roles of vitamins and minerals in maintenance of health and physical activity. Gender and age differences will be explored. 2. Gain some insight into cultural dietary differences as they relate to supporting health, human development and physical activity. For example: what is the impact of a Vegan diet on health and physical performance? 3. Apply good diet principles to address individual and population health issues such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. 4. Understand the relationship between diet and physical activity as it applies to individual body weight (i.e. obesity) issues. This includes both physiological and psychological parameters.5. Utilize a DietAnalysis software tool to construct a personal analysis and an analysis of someone other than self. REQUIRED COURSE MATERIAL Course Manual: Adegoke, OAJ and Kelton, R. Enhancing the Understanding of Human Nutrition. A Student Guide to Understanding Nutrition. Nelson Education Limited, Toronto Canada, 2012. Course Textbook: E Whitney and S R Rolfes. Understanding Nutrition 12th Edition. Wadsworth, Cengage Learning. Belmont, CA, USA, 2011 . Diet Analysis Software: DietAnalysis. Nelson Education Limited, Toronto Canada COURSE OUTLINE An Overview of Nutrition Chapter 1 Planning a Healthy Diet Chapter 2 Digestion, Absorption, and Transport Chapter 3 The Carbohydrates: Sugars, Starches and Fibers Chapter 4 The Lipids: Triglycerides, Phospholipids and Sterols Chapter 5 Protein: Amino acids Chapter 6 Energy Balance and Body Composition Chapter 8 Weight Management: overweight, Obesity, and Underweight Chapter 9 The Water-Soluble Vitamins: B Vitamins and Vitamin C Chapter 10 The Fat-Soluble Vitamins: A,D,E, and K Chapter 11 Water and the Major Minerals Chapter 12 The Trace Minerals Chapter 13 Fitness: Physical Activity, Nutrients, and Body Adaptations Chapter 14 Diet and Health Chapter 18 EVALUATION Midterm #1 20% Friday, February 3, During Lecture Hour Midterm #2 20% Friday, March 16, During Lecture Hour Diet Analysis #1 7% Friday, March 2, Submit to TA Diet Analysis #2 18% Friday, March 30, Submit to TA Final Exam (cumulative) 35% TBD, Examination Period MIDTERMS and FINAL EXAM Midterm #1 (20%)- Includes material covered in Chapters 1-5. 18 Midterm #2 (20%)- Includes material covered in Chapters 6, 10-14, 18. If, for any reason (medical or other) students do not write a midterm, there will be one midterm deferred exam. This will be a cumulative midterm for both midterms. It will take place on Wednesday, March 28, 2012; 5-6 pm (location announced in class). If the deferred midterm is missed a grade of 0 will be entered for the mark. It is advised you not miss the scheduled midterm. Final Exam (35%)- This is a cumulative exam. 50% of the final exam will be on material covered in Chapters 1-6, 10-14, 18. The other 50% will be on material in Chapters 8, 9 and 18. If, for any reason (medical or other) students do not write the Final Exam, a Deferred Exam will have to be written. This will occur AFTER the official exam period. To be eligible to write a Deferred Exam the student must: • Provide adequate documentation (i.e. doctor’s note) as to why the exam was missed;
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