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March 1st Nutrition Lecture.docx

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 4020
Roger Kelton

March 1 Nutrition Lecture Which of the following is true about B Vitamins? Ans: Option C and Option D are correct. WATER AND MAJOR MINERALS Absence of water nothing can be done in the body Water is main component of the body Lint tissue is 75% water, Women have less water content as compared to men. Age People have less lint tissue, water content also decreases Obese Individuals have water content due to muscle To get rid of waste products, Waste product of nitrogen metabolism is Urea (need a lot of water to get rid of urea) Two glucose molecules combiing together to form glycogen that happens with water. (water is produced as the rxn takes place) -Amniotic fluid  baby is suspended during pregnancy. -Temperature regulation when its hot outside, body brings more blood to the surface of the skin so that heat can be reduced. -Blood volume regulates blood pressure How do fat soluble (hydrophobic) substances get transported in blood? Ans: Lipoproteins help move them around OR in terms of short chain fatty acid, they bind to plasma proteins like albumin. Fluids in the body Intracellular  fluid inside the cell Extra cellular fluid outside the cell -Divided into 2 groups (i)Interstitial (ii)Plasma (Intravascular space) (Spaces between adjacent cells refer to as INTRACELLUAR or interstitial space) Water Intake  just know that when you loose water problems can aries don’t memorize each percentage. Water intoxication excessive water (very rare)Hyponatremia Why do kidneys need to loose so much water? You need to get rid of waste products.(e,g urea) Insensible water loss amount of water lost through skin, lungs etc. as you don’t feel them Coffe and alcohol can have diuretic effect. A diuretic is any substance that promotes the production of urine. Water is divided into 2 classes: determined by how much calcium , magnesium etc Hard Water  leaves residues, water with high calcium & Mg. Beneficial for hypertension & heart disease Intake of potassium and calcium is related to hypertension The Map Southern Ontario 8.4 Grains per gallon  means how hard water is. The higher the number , it determines how hard water is. Soft Water -Water with high sodium and p
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