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Kine 4230 Course Schedule 2013

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 4230
Robert Crawford

KINE 4230 3.0: Neuronal development for activity and health COURSE SCHEDULE KINE 4230: Neuronal development for activity and health. COURSE DIRECTOR Dr. Dorota Anna Crawford Email: [email protected] website: Course COURSE TA Christine Wong. Email: [email protected] 30% #1GRADI exGm Midterm Midterm Exam #2 30% EFiaml40% TEXTBOOK Srdes, Reh and Harris: “Development of the Nervous System” 2 Edition. Not required All the relevant material required for the exams will be covered in the lectures and power point slides. Exams will consist of multiple choice, short answer and essay-type questions. It is strongly advised that you attend classes. If you miss a midterm exam for a documented medical or other reason the weight of the missed exam will be transferred to the other exam. There will be no make-up exams. If you miss the final exam, with ppropriate documentation, you will be required to write a make-up exam. Proper docu mentation must be delivered to the course director NO LATER THAN 1 WEEK FOLLOWING TH E EXAM. Do not approach the course director to have your grade in creased. THE ANSWER IS NO!!Any grade adjustments will be applied to EVERYONE, no special circumstances w ill be granted. No “extra assignments” will be available for anyone to write. COURSE DESCRIPTION This course is intended to discuss the molecular mechan ism involved in neuronal and neuromuscular development with an emphasis on phys ical activity, health and disease. It will focus on molecular and environmental cues thsignal and promote di fferentiation, outgrowth and target-finding, and refinement of synaptic or neuromuscular connections and the acquisition of regional and cellular identit y. Specific topics includesics of cell signaling, neural induction, patterning, mechanisms of axon guidce, cell migration, proliferation and death, target recognition and synapse formation and el imination. Information drawn from these basic developmental mechanisms will be used to discu ss the recent advances in our understanding of the pathogenesis of neurological disorders that affect health and physical activity. ACADEMIC HONESTY Breaches of academic honesty will not be tolerated and punished to the fullest extent of the University regulations. You can view the University policy on academic honesty at Page 1 KINE 4230 3.0: Neuronal development for activity and health IMPORTANT DATES February 16-22 READING BREAK March 15 Last date to drop courses without receiving a grade April 8 Winter Classes End April 10-26 Examination Period January 31 MIDTERM EXAM #1 March 5 MIDTERM EXAM #2 COURSE TOPICS 1. Induction of the Neural Plate 2. Neural Proliferation – Neurogenesis and Gliogenesis 3. Neural Migration 4. Neural Differentiation 5. Cell Fate and Environmental influences of Cell Fate 6. Axonal Growth and Guidance 7. Target Selection 8. Normally Occurring Neuronal Death 9. Synapse Formation - Synaptogenesis 10. Synapse Function 11. Refinement of Synapse Connections 12. Myelination 13. Behavioural Development (First movements, Making sense of the world) 14. Congenital Brain Defects (i.e. Spina Bifida, Anencephaly, Opitz syndrome) 15. Neurodevelopmetal Disorders (i.e. Autism Spectrum Disorders, Mental Retardation) 16. Environmental factors that contribute to abnormal neuronal development Page 2 KINE 4230 3.0: Neuronal development for activity and health COURSE SCHEDULE: Lecture 1 (January 8) Course overview Lecture 2 (January 10) Early brain development Lecture 3 (January 15) Induction of the neural plate Lecture 4 (January 17) Neural tube formation and factors involved in neural induction Lecture 5 (January 22) Neuronal Proliferation and Migration Lecture 6 (January 24) Developmental Genes (Hox genes) and Retinoic acid Lecture 7 (January 29) Developmental brain abnormalities -Neural Tube Defects Lecture 8 (January 31) MIDTERM EXAM #1 (Lectures 2-7) Lecture 9 (February 5) Sonic h
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