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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 4370
George Zoidl

Neurobiology BIOL 4370 Wednesday September 18 , 2013 Lecture 3 How neurons generates axons – over time axons build “end feet” – highly specialized structure (has a specific class proteins located at the growth cone of the neuron to crawl to its target location). Growth cones are the primary structure that becomes the axon. F-actin and microtubules and other proteins/products are found at the base of the growth cone. The leading edge growth of the growth cone development is driven by intracellular [Ca2+] Factors that attract outgrowth process, trophic factors (attracting out growing axon): Pioneer growth cone leading edge is determined by trophic factors that repel it or attract it. Netrin/slit family protein on the growth cone and the receptor robo is important for attacting the outgrowth on the other cell. Netrins chemotropically regulate pathway formation the delevping spinal cord – Midline growth of neuron’s axon guidance to stay at one side of the midline Sema… – axon growth promoting factor Non-diffusible signals and diffusible signals – these factors are active at a long range Tropic signals (like robos) are guidance molecules. Trophic factors are related to survival of the axon Diffusible signals – occurs in tiny amounts, Slit, which prevent axons to cross the midline. Synaptogenesis How to pre- and post- synaptic terminals of axons find each other? A pre synaptic active zone after a contact is established. Presynaptic proteins creates a cascade which influence the post synaptic dentrites The active
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