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Sport Psychology Intro

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 4520
Paul Dennis

KINE 4520 - Sport Psychology Seminar May 2, 2011 -slides not posted online -”performance psychology” in coaching, teaching, etc. -team psychologist should not recommend whether a team should accept a player based of of psyche bc/ no evidence what psychological potential is because everyone has life altering experiences that effects them (e.g. becoming a millionaire player - how will they respond? We don’t know. If very disciplined than can predict that will be okay but don’t know. If at 13 we tell a kid you have the potential if great as a kid but others w competition, performance, potential potential: one’s capacity to develop their skills overtime e.g. Malcolm Gladwell -- wrote the tipping point, blink, and outliers. Was a great 13 yr old runner setting records and then he lost and quit. 10 years later only 1 of the top 15 ranked athletes for the 1500m in Canada in 1977 made it to the olympics in 1987 (Dave Reid). Where did the other 14 come from. ONe was Consiglio (not very good when young but great when older). VIDEO: The Winner Takes It All - each photo in video will be talked about later. Focuses on emphasis of winning. -There are 29 other teams that want to win the Stanely Cup but fans get upset when their team doesn’t win. -”Win to survive” -- problems with substance abuse may occur with these athletes even though they weren’t before they were athletes because they are stressed out so they have the need. -Charles Darwin - it’s not the strongest the survive, it’s not the smartes that survive, it’s those that adapt to change. -Commercial joking about sport psychology shows a psychologist verbally attacking the patient to make him stronger -Success or failure? - managing our thoughts and emotions. What about the olympic athletes. The skater who lost her mom during the competition and still went on to compete. -Sidney Weinberg - bullied in grade 8 - decided to start working. Went to the top floor of different businesses trying to get a job and noone said yes. Went back to Goldman Sachs the next day and said that someone had told him to come back for an interview (lied). He got a jaintor job for $3 a week. He was hired and later became the CEO. -Air Pilot during crash -- not be a quitter, manage emotions during crash. Understanding Sport Psychology -objective is for us to teach athletes to teach themselves. Teach how to avoid problems rather than solve. KINE 4520 - Sport Psychology Seminar May 2, 2011 -Managing thoughts and emotions - should never think “I’ve waited my whole life for this, don’t blow it” - makes you tense -- a self fulfilling prophecy. Instead see it as a challenge and a thrill. -Athletes are like scientists - bc want to learn what is going to make you better (hypothesis and test them to see what works) -NFL - Michael Vick’s come back performance (previously charged with dog fighting) -Angel Matos - kicked coach in the head after being disqualified for time out -Serena williams committed a foot fault, knew she did but threatened the referee. Andy Roddick did the same thing -why do parents yell things a
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