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May 11 Self Confidence and Efficacy 3 hour lecture. Self confidence, efficacy.

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 4520
Paul Dennis

KINE 4520 May 11 2011MIDTERM TESTHeld in this room from 1230200 pmMC questions lecture material onlyTF on assigned chapters 10 1 and 5Ch 10no questions on leadership style and characteristicsIf there are 80 questions approximately 60 would be from lecture and 20 TF200 pm groups will meet to discuss their seminar topicsSean Averyflipping the bird Human Rights Commission video in support of Gay marriage in the State of New York Leaders with emotional intelligence drive our emotions emotions are contagious Understand the impact the coaches emotions eg a fight at home can impact the teams emotions p5 in text According to cognitive psychologist movtivaton is a decision its up to the athletes Need to achieve v Avoid failureIf we have a high need to achieve and low fear of failure than love competition esp when the outcome is uncertain Persistent selfmotivated and take risks If have high need to achieve and high fear of failure than enjoy competition but failure causes self doubt worry about failing and may lead to poor sportspersonship bc athletes in this category tries really hard to avoid failure so poor sportspersonshipLow need to achieve and low fear of failure than indifferent to competition and wonder why people make such a big deal about winning and losing Low need to achieve and high fear of failure than avoid competition if possible May chose to compete against someone they know they can beat eg younger sibling There is a high school in Toronto ONTARIO that does not allow sports competition in school including recess because believe to much emphasis on winning Sagar 2009 Fear of Failure Study Effect of fear of failure on children ages 1417Well beinginterpersonal behavioursport performanceschool work These children have a need to practice so they dont fail and as a result they are not as helathy have trouble intereacting with people will not achieve the goals they set for
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