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May 18 Anxiety 3 hour lecture. Anxiety, inverted U, catastrophe theory, Jones' directionality theory, Malcolm Gladwell, deliberate practice, stress process, 3 stress coping strategies.

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York University
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KINE 4520
Paul Dennis

KINE 4520 May 18 2011Part Btreat it as if professor knows nothing about topic Show how important psychological skills areFinal TestJune 8thlecture material from today on plus assigned chapters 7 and 812301250Anxiety on Wednesday June 1Anxiety is not tangible broad but has tremendous impact on uslearned about Stress Process from last classPerceived imbalance between ones skills and the demands of the situation Threat to selfconcept David Beckham 2004 European Championshipmissed penalty kick by a lotwe feel stressed disappointed etc Generally females are more anxious than males and require more social support at all levels of competition Mia Hamm soccer playeran athlete who says I cannot compete in this situation because it is way too much pressureWhy do athletes Chokebecause of paralysis by analysisworried about outcomeanxietythinking too much about an activity that is usually automatic Beilock 2010 golf is a big one chapter 7every hole is a new challengeinternal pressurewant to get birdie etcinverted U theoryrelationship between performance and arousal is curvilinear there is an optimal level of arousalperformance is lowest when not aroused enough or too excitedif a parent or teacher doesnt know what the athletes ultimate level of arousal is that can raise it too much by giving a pump up speech Catastrophe Theorythere is a sharp decline in performance at a certain point after an emotional event ex make a mistake early on in the game Performance and physiological arousal Think of a quarterback who makes a mistake early on in the game and then doesnt perform well Coach should possibly pull from game Our perception of out ability to control the situation determines the stress response Do we have the skills Hossiers film 1986
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