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May 25 Anxiety and Coping 3 hour lecture. Anxiety and coping.

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Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 4520
Paul Dennis

KINE 4520May 25Wimbledon 1993 leading Steffi Graff 41 in the deciding set serving 4030Double faulted 4 times and lost 1996 MastersGreg Norman began the final round with a 6 stroke leadOn the 18th Faldo had a 4 stroke leadwhy do we get into these situations We are thinking about outcomewere thinking about winning VIDEOLA baseball player suffering from anxiety issues Channel KTL 5 newsDodger CloserHung Chee Kuosuffering from anxietyprofessional baseball pitcherprofessional athletes more susceptible to anxiety than other because of pressure and knowing that your professional life is not that longVIDEOReducing team anxiety and tension Hoosers video from last weekThe coach helps his athletes deal with state anxiety due to situation they are in as the athletes walk into a huge stadium they will be playing in and helps them get thinking about task Gets the team numbers to measure the court to see that it is they exact same measurements as the court they usually play on There is no coping strategy effective in all situations Generalizability of Coping Cox 2006The coping skills we learn in sport are transferable to other stressful nonsport situationsHarsh coaches losing injuries setbacksVIDEOa man who claims the reason he lived and did not die was because of his olympic sport Man got lost in wilderness and both legs had to be amputated he talks about his hockey background and the realization that it was do are die for him after spending 8 days in the wilderness Talks about loneliness being the hardest Eric LemarquePreparation and ConfidenceManaging thoughts and emotionsdont be a maladaptive perfectionistlooking for what can go wrong and anything that goes wrong was their fault and anything right was luck
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