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Kine 4660 Course Outline 2012
Kine 4660 Course Outline 2012

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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 4660
Caroline Davis

Faculties of Health, Arts, and Science Kinesiology and Health Sciences Course: KINE 4660.03 Sections B & C Term: Fall Term, 2012 Prerequisite / Co-requisite: Introduction to Psychology Course Instructor: Dr. Caroline Davis 416 736-2100 x77327 343 Bethune College [email protected] Course consultation: By appointment Teaching Assistant Alina Cohen, PhD Candidate [email protected] Time and Location Lectures: 10:00 – 11:20 Tuesday and Thursday SC 218 1:00 - 2:20 Tuesday and Thursday SC 218 Expanded Course Description This course involves formal lectures given by the course director. The lectures will be supplemented by a selection of films and videos and by readings from selected journal articles. The required readings are central both to the course and to the course evaluation. Course Learning Objectives. • The primary purpose of the course is to assist students in developing a critical overview of the psychobiological aspects of addictive behaviours. The course material is research based and will consider both animal experimentation and human studies. It will also present a broad perspective on addiction by considering both substance abuse disorders and addictive behaviours like self-starvation, hyperactivity, and compulsive overeating. The last topic will be linked to risk factors for obesity - a current and serious health problem for Canadians. • A second purpose is to assist in the development of good writing skills by basing the course evaluation largely on essay-format exams, and by the submission of a term paper. Students will also have the opportunity to develop collaborative research skills by working on a group oral presentation on an assigned topic to be given at the end of during regular class time. Course Text / Readings A reading list comprising selected journal articles will be available at the beginning of term and following the 1 midterm (for the second half of the course). Evaluation * Group Presentation 20% Term Paper 15% Midterm 1 32.5% October 9, 2012 Midterm 2 32.5% November 15, 2012 Attendance at Group Presentations 2% (bonus) Grading, Assignment Submission, Lateness Penalties and Missed Tests Grading: The grading scheme for the course conforms to the 9-point grading system used in undergraduate programs at York (e.g., A+ = 9, A = 8, B+ - 7, C+ = 5, etc.). All grades will be calculated according to the percentage allocated for that piece of work. For example, the midterm grades will be calculated as a score out of 32.5. (For a full description of York grading system see the York University Undergraduate Calendar - Students may take a limited number of courses for degree credit on an ungraded (pass/fail) basis. For full information on this option see Alternative Grading Option in the Undergraduate Calendar Assignment S
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