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York University
Kinesiology & Health Science
KINE 4710
Crissa Guglietti

Psychology of Health and Chronic Disease Course Outline Department of Kinesiology Course: AS/SC KINE 4710 Course Webpage: Term: Fall 2012 Prerequisite / Co-requisite: AK/AS/HH/SC/PSYC 1010 Course Instructor Crissa Guglietti (416) 736-2100 ext 33112 360 Stong College [email protected] Office Hours: By appointment Time and Location Lectures TR 11:30 – 1:00 pm ACW 303 Expanded Course Description This course will explore healthy and unhealthy behaviours and their modifications in the context of preventing/treating chronic and acute physical and mental illness. Emphasis is placed on empirical findings specific to cancer, cardiovascular, infectious, neurological and mental disease. Cognitive-behavioural, motivational interviewing, health coaching, and interpersonal approaches to health-behaviour change will be examined. Students are expected to read the relevant reading material to be covered prior to the date listed in the lecture schedule. Organization of the Course The course involves formal lectures by the instructor and will occasionally include invited guest lecturers. The lectures will be supplemented by films and videos. The required readings are central to the course. The lectures will serve to enrich, clarify, and illustrate crucial issues from the assigned readings Course Learning Objectives • understand the role of behaviour on health and chronic disease • demonstrate the ability to apply psychological theories to various areas of health and chronic disease • critically examine the scientific literature relating to health behaviour • develop ability to discuss current issues in health psychology Course Text / Readings The assigned readings will be scientific journal articles that are accessible through the York Libraries or will be posted on the course website. Evaluation * 1) First Exam: 30% 2) Second Exam: 30% 3) Final Exam: 30% 4) Attendance and Participation 10% “Final course grades may be adjusted to conform to Program or Faculty grades distribution profiles.” **2% additional credit for participation in research to a maximum of 2 hours (1% per hour). Study has to be ethically approved by York, UHN affliated hospitals (Toronto General, Princess Margaret, Toronto Western), or Centre for Addiction and Mental Healthy, and being conducted by a York student or faculty or by staff at UHN or CAMH. Grading: Your grade for this course will be based on the following scale: Percentage Letter Grade Percentage Letter Grade 90 – 100 A+ 60 - 64 C 80 – 89 A 55 - 59 D+ 75 – 79 B+ 50 - 54 D 70 – 74 B 40 - 49 E 65 – 69 C+ 0 - 39 F Note: E and F are both failing grades IMPORTANT COURSE INFORMATION FOR STUDENTS All students are expected to familiarize themselves with the following information, available on the Senate Committee on Curriculum & Academic Standards webpage (see Reports, Initiatives, Documents) - • York’s Academic Honesty Policy and Procedures/Academic Integrity Website • Ethics Review Process for research involving human participants • Course requirement accommodation for students with disabilities, including physical, medical, systemic, learning and psychiatric disabilities • Student Conduct Standards • Religious Observance Accommodation SENATE POLICY ON ACADEMIC HONESTY Please read the sections on Academic Honesty in the York University Calendar. Any case of suspected academic dishonesty will be dealt with in accord with the procedures and regulations set down by the University Senate. The definition of dishonesty and the penalties and procedures for judging cases are described in the Calendar. POLICY FOR MISSED TESTS AND EXAMINATIONS 1. The student must contact the instructor in-person or by telephone or e-mail within 48 hours of the test or examination. If you do not speak to the instructor directly, you must leave a message. Be sure to clearly state your name, student number, course, and a number and time at which you can be reached. If you are unable to contact the course instructor during this 48-hour period, subsequent documentation accounting for the delay must be provided. 2. Appropriate documentation verifying the circumstances for the missed test or examination must be provided prior to arranging the MAKE-UP test. Failure to provide appropriate documentation will result in a grade of F on the missed test. a) Tests or examinations missed on the grounds of medical circumstances must be supported by an Attending Physician’s statement or a statement by a Psychologist or Counsellor. The Attending Physician’s statement must include: (i) the full name, mailing address and telephone number of the physician; (ii) state the nature of the illness and its duration (i.e., specific dates covered); and, (iii) an indication of whether the illness and/or medication prescribed would have SERIOUSLY affected the student’s ability to study and perform over the period in question. Note: The physician’s office may be contacted to verify that the forms were completed by the physician. b) Tests or examinations missed on the grounds of non-medical circumstances must be supported by appropriate documentation (i.e., death certificates, obituary notice, automobile accident reports, airline/train/bus ticket/receipts with date of booking on ticket for emergency travel, etc.). Airline/train/bus ticket/receipts for emergency travel must indicate destination, departure and return dates. 3. In the case of a make-up test/exam, the student must be prepared to write within the week following the missed test (a date w
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