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KOR 3600
Mi Yeon

CuleralbHithshreungteile,trn, muK niywsorsis,ewi.gieerenceltirtttteilflteiveienacdeslptlifnhc.t.iaoiepuiatnnuiticibltlostettpcietlflefoltafilhriyti-ctirfaotdecnp rice culture, cultural identity, moral economy of rice, com- Three Identities and Meanings Rice and Koreans: A Cultural History of the Kitchen Hahm Hanhee Abstract (2005) and Korean 2. In relations to the topics of rice and rice agriculture, many books, thesis, andfneomny.nts),iact.oiiceItatelattigosrtsferideffircr reporsfveerieeplaustgeeotyeKpolranuriaEcalsdiisctiIhte. fromsu Nonetheless, the studies on rice in Korean scholarship have 1 ssal (hulled rice), and Introduction bap (cooked rice). Koreans are often 2 In the social sciences, rice mo mo KOREA JOURNAL / SUMMER 2005 and and byeoyeo . byeo , tMo later stage is called a (young dailecifeqofKs,rmiteo(Csbeeacot1hobtae.iihasKqorianly.ointctsferbeininpiopglaftnd.ustrialization in the 1960s, Koreaq 5. 4.eaSearratrnflattesialo1f4e,ny0rrn1970.hnteea/deicnasdoiktro. 3,400,000 fouith204. ttitictartehifrariiseoo,herfarltopFirst, Koreans are proud of the history of rice planting in their Rice: Why Not National Food? rice remains a special resource for 5 Because of the quick trans- 3 91so tccroceaatioaaiogrKorneatioooldffod.Srnignetre.,tmeetwoondierwshhyave been the most evehattriJferoOsdnieslelnaarelirt,libpolmnee gimchi Given that rice has long beeIn teemmsafrcstasue otidn,nKoremnasiare the most dependent on ) and kimchi bulgogi is thought to be very unique and distinctive (marinated beef) as the representative damageum KOREA JOURNAL / SUMMER 2005 kimchi , which was a was chosen kim- 6. Here I considergsrbn;elydantndto lndgerinldrfincteifiiKotoywlneioarisnfnebnceenwiteieitsotne,ctirfforinnfptiso.pi.fnctintiiasatun entiate them in cultivation.
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