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Mathematics and Statistics
MATH 2565
Jagmohan Chawla

27. PISA scores again. a) The median for males is slightly higher than that for females. There are two low outliers in each boxplot. The median of the differences between the mean scores for males and females is about 10. All but one country has the mean for males greater than that for females. Only one country has a mean score for females greater than that for males and that is identified as an outlier. b) In the boxplots below, Canada, USA, and Iceland are indicated by the symbols ‘x’, ’xx’, ‘xxx’, respectively. In the boxplots for males and females, Turkey and Mexico are outliers because their mean scores are unusually low. In the boxplot for differences, Iceland is an outlier because it has a very low value for the difference (Male average – Female average). c) The five-number summaries for the male scores, female scores, and differences are given below: Descriptive Statistics: Males, Females, Difference Variable Minimum Q1 Median Q3 Maximum Males 410.00 490.75 504.50 527.00 554.00 Females 401.00 480.50
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