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Mathematics and Statistics
MATH 2565
Jagmohan Chawla

PPS 4(Math 2565) Problem 7.15: Does how long children remain at the lunch table help predict how much they eat? The table gives data on 20 toddlers observed over several months at a nursery school. ‘Time” is the average number of minutes a child spent at the table when lunch was served. “calories” is the average number of calories the child consumed during lunch, calculated from careful observation of what the child ate each day. Calories Time 472 21.4 498 30.8 465 37.7 456 33.5 423 32.8 437 39.5 508 22.8 431 34.1 479 33.9 454 43.8 450 42.4 410 43.1 504 29.2 437 31.3 489 28.6 436 32.9 480 30.6 439 35.1 444 33.0 408 43.7 . (a) Find the correlation for these data. (b) Suppose we were to record time at the table in hours rather than in minutes. How would the correlation change? Why? (c) Write a sentence or two explaining what this correlation means for these data. Remember to write about food consumption by toddlers rather than about correlation coefficients. (d) One analyst concluded “ It is clear from this correlation that toddlers who spend more time at the table eat less. Evidently something about being at the table causes them to lose their appetites. “Explain why this explanation is not appropriate conclusion from what we know about the data. Problem 7.33: People who responded to a July 2004 Discovery Channel poll named the 10 best roller coasters in the United States. The table below shows the length of the initial drop (in feet) and the duration of the ride ( in seconds). What do these data indicate about the height of a roller coaster and the length of the ride you can expect? Roller Coaster State Drop (ft) Duration(sec) Incredible Hulk FL 1
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