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Mathematics and Statistics
MATH 2565
Jagmohan Chawla

PPS5 Problem 14.19: Real estate ads suggest that 64% of homes for sale have garages, 21% have swimming pools, and 17% have both features. What is theb probability that a home for sale has a) A pool or a garage? b) Neither a pool nor a garage? c) A pool but no garage? Problem 15.7: You roll a fair die three times. What is the probability that a) You roll all six’s? b) You roll all odd numbers? c) None of your rolls gets a number divisible by 3? d) You roll at least one 5? e) The numbers you roll are not all 5’s? Problem 15.17: You draw a card at random from a standard deck of 52 cards. Find each of the following conditional probabilities: a) The card is a heart, given that it is red. b) The card is red, given that it is heart? c) The card is an ace, given that it is red? d) The card is a queen, given that it is a face card? Problem 15.21: A video store investigates the type of movies their customers rent. They record the customer’s age and the movie genre of 240 recent rentals. Suppose the data break down as follows: Type of Movie Age Documentary Comedy Mystery Total 12-20 14 9 8 31 21-29 15 14 9 38 30-39 9 21 39 69 40-49 7 22 17 46 50 and over 6 38 12 56 Total 51 104 85 240 a) Among 21-29 year olds, what is the probability that a person rented a documentary? b) Among people who rented documentaries, what is the probability that the renter was 21-29 years old? c) If a renter was over 30 years old, what is the probability that they selected a comedy? d) If the renter didn’t select a comedy, what is the probability they were over 30? Problem 15.33: Given the table of probabilities from Exercise 19, are high blood pressure and high cholesterol independent? Explain. Blood Pressure
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