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Mathematics and Statistics
MATH 2565
Jagmohan Chawla

PPS8 Problem 23.3: Describe how the shape, centre, and spread of t- models change as the number of degrees of freedom increases. Problem 23.7: After surveying students at Darmouth College, a campus organization calculated that a 95% confidence interval for the mean cost of food for one term (of three in the Dartmouth trimester calendar) is ($1102, $1290). Now the organization is trying to write its report and is considering the following interpretations. a) 95% of all students paid between $1102 and $ 1290 for food. b) 95% of the sampled students paid between $1102 and $ 1290. c) We are 95% sure that students in this sample averaged between $1102 and $ 1290 for food. d) 95% of all samples of students have average food costs between $1102 and $1290. e) We’re 95% sure that the average amount all students pay is between $1102 and $1290. Problem 23.9 : A medical researcher measured the pulse rates (beats per minute) of a sample of randomly selected adults and found the following Students’s t-based confidence interval: With 95% Confidence 70.887604
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