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MATH 2015 Lecture Notes - Hp Integrity Servers

Mathematics and Statistics
Course Code
MATH 2015
Michael Haslam

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D;{f €,'ealia b:l'+'t
: Ncdr.tprzttk.,
8r;e*tg 6te ,og a {^r, c{ioa e{ *w,t ;g,'.ia blq -F tr,9 t ;5 );'{Icrca\;ablc
e* k,bl ;{ , { iJ " lcrelllS l,trtar " ** { q,b). Es rcaliellS *h,s m€c'45
f\q{ vtrj lecat\ , *he tutr4tal glon< iJ q J"J affnxin<*io,a l. lhe dunohru-
in q sn e tl ttt.igb,bo'^h" oA 4rvs.rd ( c,h'l
{(c+o>t,b'49) =Ita,bl r o^$t',ut '+ aJStt,Ol
T+'r imporfo,rl h fic,* e +ha{ errA {uqcho^ ftol ;t 4;{{cna,luhle c{
h,b\ is alte (*'rli;so,ti a{ (e,b\ - b* lhe cet,refie ;t not tpe iq geaerel.
(al*ho'5h €! co,s't|'f, exampi tS v?ry ,t-tivLrsql)-
llz (ancliu*
T\e {.chr . ----..
!f , St"I+i ,,'jf,i-'^'tulc;4 sD
cx 0J \.9_r-,.,
iS lf-Ae,u,ta ut Yht g"od)co| u{ + ""oA re pr-crot*5 c. geAefa l) z"rlia't
e{ *ue der;tahvL +o rtvtfi ol,rneAtiaAs
: I+ + hal e o,riiav e ".,j pa*t,els {, "*'f +, ;4 a s"ttcll
nCighbaurhr:eA of tro,b\ (o d.rc coah,ai,tJ [",bil ftrra + rl
ol',{{e "cal;obt t oI (e,b)
Exanple '. Show tho* l4re h^rl',oa *t*,5t ' Xei * x' J ;5 ev€r5w,he"a
A;*{ercrhable ond cqlc,/lqk ;+r Bra{iedl. T" oLo fh;s nolu'"
*" "' +zx1 ff " xei -*'
tD V{rqlr = ( et +zxg)t r I xet -xt)i
1-hi5 i5 coa l:,a ss15 evla,',,thc.<' "
fh<. |ndort t ;s : ;
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