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More on Directional Derivatives, Chain Rule

Mathematics and Statistics
Course Code
MATH 2015
Michael Haslam

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We fu{,at -f'Lt dir€ cho"ol lcr;,tal,u(
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*vS,tr"\ d,r(t; hen fi ("t517o6 o{ q,j ).
D.if{P), t#o{ fF" na)- +tft
'ih;r 1',',,*,;{ r-l rr,s{J ,iJ Y^u,ua ei5 tlae oi.'ttl,o*ul ,lr",no,hvL, T\rs
or *(pi = $*cpl 0if(F) = {, tp)
fhe "7iree he,r,il dir,wh,te /i1€cr5sr€ s fhe rct+e ,{ cha"gL ct f ,,,t r,t
"f'4 t ,Airt ct;on ff nhert C ir a \,,,rii v(c*ar
iht d,ft(.ha.,cl oltr,,ta*-,vt ;$ [o",t\rtA,eatll sr, *lttt t A ftrat) o{ lht
$r;clr ea f csr {'to ilcur ;
Let f b{ di|{crcahoble q f F , fir^ + h"s d,r:echoattl Aer;,rcolrut ,l
F tA lhe dircohaa oI th t u/,,+ vrchr
al .,,,,ri * 423 *,r tur?:l
LD AG +(?) " ( . !+ rpl - .,.,, is p,ocLvc*
ie: 0af(lg) '*,fitur{J
f\ann,in ('a# a{ (h"tlj,e
fur (t et,u(A f aF pu,.rf p wt w,sh ft, V{tuuu tu,,h;ctt 6l,rtghc,a fh
{vn6hr.o t) chcag,"t3 naosl *p, Alj . rc. hr I ,5 0fi+ tF} a fttax,,*sa,7
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