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Modern Greek
GKM 4600
Michail Vitopolous

Catherine Kircos January 15, 2013 GKM 4600 Red Dyed Hair Chapter Summaries Ch. 1-2 Chapter 1: The Birthday Present Emmanuel Retsinas (“Louis”) is the main character of the book. He is the “Almost Man”-- almost ugly, almost good-looking, almost lazy, almost an atheist. He is contradictory, multi-faceted, and larger than life. Louis does not wish to rely on anybody—he has built his own house where he generates his own electricity and pumps his own water. Kostas Manolopoulos (“Gus”) is the narrator of the story and Louis’s long-time friend. He works as a court clerk, but is also supported by his rich aunt Eustathia. He is married to Julia. The book starts with Louis calling up the narrator and telling him that he has a birthday present for him. The two friends go down to the docks and board a 60-foot cabin cruiser boat named Fatmé on which Louis works as first mate for a rich Italian man named Renato. Louis brings the narrator into a cabin where a young naked girl is resting. They call her Fatmé after the boat. She is from Amsterdam and hardly speaks any Greek. She mysteriously appeared on the deck of the boat one day (an event which has brought Louis much stress as he tried to figure out how she got there) and has been travelling with Louis and Renato ever since, however Renato has decided that she must go due to her alcoholism, which is why Louis has brought the narrator there today. Louis is in love with the girl and wants the narrator to take care of her while he is away on a voyage to Egypt with Renato, but the narrator refuses for fear that Aunt Eustathia might cut him off or that his wife might find out. Fatmé is Louis’s “birthday present,” which he turns down. Louis then decides to take him home himself, even though he lives off the grid with h
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