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Tutorial 4 Lecture Notes

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MGMT 1000

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MGMT 1000 Tutorial Notes Week 4:  Seven Common Problems: Red Flags o The project gets orphaned  no interest or commitment from outset, sponsor loses interest  SOL: make sure sponsor is strong/enthusiastic, ensure that project is worth doing, keep sponsor fully engaged, get formal signs of sponsor commitment o A lack of clarity around the measures of success  goals have been poorly defined, no clear completion point  SOL: work effectively with sponsors at charter stage, be sure to define what "done" is o A lack of VSOP - Visible Signs of Progress  team/sponsor/client loses sight of where the project stands  SOL: keep in touch with everyone & discuss barriers and problems o "Scope Creep" and changing targets  team gets overburdened with new obligations that prevent original mandate from from being achieved  SOL: use mandate drafted during the charter stage, stick to your goals o Ineffective communication o A mismatch between talent and task o A lack of appreciation of the broad
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