MGMT 1000 Lecture Notes - Baby Boomers, Visible Minority, Brain

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5 Feb 2013
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MGMT 1000
Lecture Notes: Week 1 (09/09/2012)
knowledge is a key factor of production alongside land, labour, and financial capital
shows the importance of:
o Continuous Innovation
o Collaborative Learning
o Competitive Advantage
"learning to learn"
Learning organizations must promote creativity at every level; deal with new challenges
Baby boomers are not going to leave the workforce quickly. Generations will mix.
The visible minority in the future will be white
We will be linked/connected to work 24/7
We will make more of what we consume, where we consume it
Our office will be where we say it is
Machines have left their mark on humans
Old man's theory vs. young man (humans will become like machines by using them)
Everything in our society is organized systematically, like clockwork (machine like)
Brain function is going to play a major role
Independent thinking sections are required (rats brain)
Each person should be able to reflect the whole team. (can keep going alone)
Three successful types of organizations:
o Defender: Focus on being highly profitable by being cost effective, using price
competition, and other barriers to stop competitors
o Prospector: Focus on developing a relationship with the environment based on finding,
developing, & exploiting new opportunities
o Analyzer: Try to combine the strengths of defender and prospector. Developing quality
long term products but remaining open to opportunities
Lecture Notes: Week 2 (18/09/2012)
Stakeholders are all those who have a stake or interest in an organization/company
o Eg. Employees, Community, Competitors
By analyzing the perspectives of the stakeholders, companies achieve a better understanding of
situations & in turn, make better decisions
Use multiple views to improve decision making
Being open to different possibilities, teams, organizations, can open many paths for
Lecture Notes: Week 3 (25/09/2012)
Triple Bottom Line Concept
In order for organizations to survive and thrive in the current economy, they cannot simply
focus on the financial aspect of doing business, they must look at positive economic, social, and
environmental performance
The Balanced Scorecard is a strategic planning and management system used extensively in
business to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization, improve
internal/external communication, and monitor organization performance
The Destructive Side of Technology:
Technology has damaged community; turned care into service & desensitized everything
If we are to regain community & sustainability, we must stop progress (technology just creates
new problems despite solving old ones)
Guest Notes
Is the E-pub more sustainable than a clean, sustainable tree market
Factors that influence that answer include
o Electronics become obsolete or broken after certain periods of time
o E-Waste is extremely harmful for the environment
Print books are not necessarily unsustainable (plant new trees)
New farming methods have been developed (no tilling/plowing)
o Landscape has been changed in agricultural areas
The triple bottom line
Leadership: The social change model of leadership (create social change)
Models of learning: cognitive, skills based, & affective
Sustainability Pledges: Purchasing, energy, waste, transportation, change