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MGMT 1000 Lecture Notes: Week 1 (09/09/2012) 1.1  knowledge is a key factor of production alongside land, labour, and financial capital  shows the importance of: o Continuous Innovation o Collaborative Learning o Competitive Advantage  "learning to learn" 1.2  Learning organizations must promote creativity at every level; deal with new challenges 1.3  Baby boomers are not going to leave the workforce quickly. Generations will mix.  The visible minority in the future will be white  We will be linked/connected to work 24/7  We will make more of what we consume, where we consume it  Our office will be where we say it is 1.4  Machines have left their mark on humans  Old man's theory vs. young man (humans will become like machines by using them)  Everything in our society is organized systematically, like clockwork (machine like) 1.5  Brain function is going to play a major role  Independent thinking sections are required (rats brain)  Each person should be able to reflect the whole team. (can keep going alone) 1.6  Three successful types of organizations: o Defender: Focus on being highly profitable by being cost effective, using price competition, and other barriers to stop competitors o Prospector: Focus on developing a relationship with the environment based on finding, developing, & exploiting new opportunities o Analyzer: Try to combine the strengths of defender and prospector. Developing quality long term products but remaining open to opportunities Lecture Notes: Week 2 (18/09/2012) 2.1  Stakeholders are all those who have a stake or interest in an organization/company o Eg. Employees, Community, Competitors  By analy
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