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SUSTAINABILITY Steve Glassman- Director of Bookstore Parcel Graymason – Sustainability Engagement Coordinator Andrew Plunket- Sustainability Project Coordinator Implications for 2016s of Schulich’s reputation in sustainability: Better Brand Representations Competition Higher Level of Employability Sustainability? Using resources wisely Capacity to endure Longevity Upholding reputation Environmental responsibility Keeping up with a knowledge economy Ethics Sustainability can be defined as: “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (United Nations. 1987. “Report of the World Commision on Environment and Development.” General Assembly Resolution 42/187, 11 December 1987). Triple Bottom Line = Decisions based on Social, Economic, Environment factors There is an importance to understanding Tangible (vs.) Intangible Items and how these can impact a company’s sustainability. Characteristics of a sustainable company: Connecting with Stakeholders Adjusting Plans (Flexibility) Ethically based decisions “The Sustainability Council”  Advisory body to the President  Responsibility for providing input and recommendations on how to advance York University’s sustainability initiatives, projects, and practices  A mechanism to support and enable York students, faculty and staff to participate meaningfully in the planning and implementation of York University’s sustainability practices  Influence the integration of knowledge and issues about sustainability into research, education and application Objects of the Sustainability Council: • Develop a framework for understanding of the different dimensions of sustainability relevant to York U campuses • Conduct assessments of sustainability to establish common understandings (in the context of the 2001 Report of the President's Task Force on Sustainability) • Provide a forum in which members may discuss sustainability challenges and opportunities • Review current sustainability practices and initiatives • Identify and examine high priority issues and develop recommendatio
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