MGMT 1000 Lecture Notes - Fide, Economic Citizenship

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5 Feb 2013
Class 6: Panel
Jane Gilbert: Cheif Communications Officer of Nature Conservancy Canada
Not for profit; helps conserve the environment
Been in NFP for 4 years; prior that spent 30 years in profit (broadcasting)
Spent last 10 years of first portion of career with discovery
received annual bonuses
Eventually reached a point where she thought how can I use my skills to achieve
different things
Change in frame of reference; from very profit driven to being truly devoted to the
mission of the company
Encourages awareness about the organization
largest private NFP working in the land conservation area
Revenue: 80 million to 100 million yearly
Science, Securement, & Stewardship
Securement: how they acquire the land through real estate
Stewardship: responsibility to care for that land in the future
Non-advocacy organization
Bring together partners to find creative sustainable solutions
they are social entrepreneurs: seek creative and value added solutions
Partnership is a large part what they do; work with governments; corporations;
that intersection is an interesting one; corporations working with this kind of firm is a
chance for them to build a rep; brings NCC money & other support but the more they
engage in these partnership; the more interesting are the relations
they work with any organizations looking for bona fide work but they work within the
NCC framework
Claudia De Simone , Director: Ashoka Canada
Social entrepreneurship: innovative, system changing new ideas to solve current social
Measuring social impact & , strong ethical fiber; once people pass the test, they are
known as ashoka fellows
Work with all kinds of people to make people difference makers
support social ventures & providing funding when possible
Mark Kielburger; ashoka fellow
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