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Lecture 3

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MGMT 1000
Jean Adams

MGMT 1000 Notes Week 3: Skill Development: Creative Problem Solving, Stress PowerPoint Notes • A Social Business shifts the focus from documents, project plans and other temporary artefacts to the source of the energy, creativity and decision making that moves the business forward: people. • A social business takes a “people-centric” approach that relies on:  Networks – Globally integrated networks of employees, partners and customers are the backbone of a Social Business.  Social and real-time collaboration – Connecting remote teams of people to improve and decision making and discover relevant expertise or related work empowers people and enables problem solving.  Mobility – A social business benefits from enabling individuals to use the device best suited to their needs and keeping them connected whenever and where ever they are.  Integration – Bringing social collaboration capabilities into the applications people use to do their jobs. Activity: 3.1: SWOT Basic Concept: -Any object experience or event can be interpreted in many ways, it is therefore important that we recognize and understand the frames of reference that we use to shape these interpretations and why we favor certain frames over others The importance of being aware of frames of reference: The process of framing can cause us to see a situation in a particular way Our frames of reference create contexts of interpretation that shape how we make sense of situations: -They create focus of interest -Create a boundary around what we see and experience -Guide our attention -Lead us to see and emphasize certain features in the world around us and to ignore others -Encourage us to put a particular spin/interpretation on the situations in which we are engaged Frames of reference can also create problems: -Create a myopic view -Lead us to interpret every situation in the same old way -Limit how we think and act -They create biases and blind spots that distract us from what is important -Can lock us into a world of our own -A frame of reference can sometimes be so detached from a situation that it may lead us to act in dysfunctional ways ­ A frame of reference can elevate one interpretation over another and in the process eliminate other perspectives from view Examples: What’s wrong With My knee? Bill has a knee spasm; in order to find out why he is in so much pain he goes to see several doctors to solve the problem. He sees a chiropractor, goes to a specialty shoe store, an acupuncturist etc. Each doctor has different diagnoses for Bill and each one has a different solution. ­ The process of diagnosing and prescription hinges on the process of which the problem presented is framed ­ Each doctor had a different frame of reference and so they tried to fit what they saw into familiar patterns. ­ The frame the professional uses to understand the problem dictates a specific action. One uses acupuncture, another suggests arch supports, and still another recommends surgery. What’s the problem with this organization? An organization that is having difficulty adapting to change, calls on a management consultant for assistance. However, he finds many sources of conflict in the company. The consultant is confused about how to solve the problem (which frame should he choose?) ­ Managements challenge is to integrate the insights of different frames ­ The meaning of any situation depends on the context of interpretation ­ By learning how to change frames in ways that broaden and deepen insight, we can learn to approach situations in new ways Key Implications Of reframing: Understanding frames and how we can often get trapped by frames, we can open the way to new methods of problem solving. As a result: -we can learn how to develop new perspectives -we can make multiple interpretations of the same situation, and act with these views in mind When we find new ways of reframing and understanding the underlying issues, new options will emerge SWOT (Strengths / Weakness / Opportunities / Threats) analysis The overall aim of this technique is to evaluate Strengths and Weaknesses of your business idea in relation to Opportunities and Threats in the marketplace at large. KEY IDEA SWOT used to attain 'fit' between internal competencies and market opportunities • SWOT a popular method of planning and organizing business plan Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats 3.2: Meeting, Meetings, Meetings (time management case) • Manager of special projects in a large construction and land development firm employing 1500 people. • You are a professional engineer: been working in the firm for the past 5 years and plan on working for another 5 and to rise to the position of vice-president of engineering services. • This particular department is highly visible and is regarded as a linchpin in the organizations overall operations. • There are three sets of clashes you see in the particular month which are • Routine project review meeting that is on the second Monday of every month that clashes with a special hospital appointment for your son. Wife is out of town and you have been waiting for 2 months for appointment. In my point of view I would weigh out the pros and cons of attending either of the appointments. If I have been waiting for the doctor’s appointment for 2 months it is something serious and cannot be missed. Hence I would try accommodating the review meeting either on the same day at a later time or the next day if it is permissible. • CEO has called for a special briefing on a project that is in a critical stage of development. All department managers are expected to attend it. Unfortunately, a high-profile visitor from France is arriving on the same d
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