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MGMT 1000
Jean Adams

Importance of Leadership Contains PCDP ReadingEmpower People to Make a Difference Decisionmaking needs to be located as close to action as possibleOrganizations need to create contexts where people encouraged to step forward and sue skills to make effective contributions Failure of Empowerment programsExecutive Perspective execs dislike the concept of empowerment because it can allow middle managers to relinquish responsibility and dodge leadership roleoOn premise that they have empowered their staff to do what is necessaryMiddle Managers perspective middle managers fear concept of empowerment they may not be left with much to do after staff is empowered eliminates their rolesRank and file perspective people at lowest level of organization resist concept because they see it as insult oFeel that they have no wish to be empowered they do not want more responsibility at work not being paid to do the managements jobAcademic viewpoint empowerment is a paradox one has to get out of the peoples way so they can empower themselvesoIf trying to empower someone you are operating out of assumption of superiorityTwo Views of Empowerment Organizations need empowered employees to be successfulGiving someone an allowance so that they make their own decisions is empowermentoDelegation and control within clearly defined boundaries senior managers can create a framework for guiding action and let employees fill in detailsoGet staff with implementation by providing resources allocating tasks and giving space and supportoPersonal risktaking growth and change empowerment focuses on creating opportunities for people to take initiative trusting that they will grow develop and perform oIndividuals encouraged to step forward and take sense of ownership over challenges being faced Delegation can led to mechanistic interpretation Empowerment seen as managerial tool of streamline and improve decision making Creating space for Empowerment to EmergeWhen people are empowered they show proactive outgoing curiosity Empowerment creates context where people feel and act differently engaged by and enjoy their workoDelegating with boundaries essential in any complex organization wishing to avoid negative effects of having everyone go off in own direction and work at cross purposesoPeople development generates real energy when people feel able and want to make a difference often have tendency to take more responsibility of work Find way of removing barriers to empowerment rather than trying to develop empowerment in more direct wayoTransform organizational hierarchies get rid of needless constraints and rules to create new space where people can make a difference Case Study GEs WorkOut ProgramProblemGE going through corporate downsizing and restructuring further flattening the organization to improve flexibility and productivityPeople ready to embrace new vision but did not get tools and support to do the jobMany only style managers clung onto old practices and controlsWorkOut goalsBring 30100 people together to focus on a problem then act on best ideas quickly Welch wanted people at all levels of workforce taking responsibility for dealing with problems they facedoBuilding trust people could feel free to speak outoEmpowering employees those closest to problems would make the decisionsoEliminating unnecessary work ease work life and improve productivityoHelping create boundaryless organizationPrinciplesWorkout process of mining creativity and productivity that resides in workforce 1Create opportunity for employees to meet in groups and discuss problems2Ensure people can speak without fear3Have meetings facilitated by external consultants who take independent view
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