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MGMT 1000
Jean Adams

Engaging Customers and Importance of MarketingMental Models Frames that shape understanding and actionMental models are frames that we carry in our heads prevent us from taking actionthIn book The 5 Discipline Peter Senge argues that it is important to recognize our mental models and how they block learningoMany brilliant ideas remain sketchpads lost in pace of organizational life and in difficulties in making them part of organizations discourse hard to get ideas accepted in public domain oProcess of formal discussion and decision making required to convert idea into reality can get in way of action and implementationSenge wants us to be aware of problems and overcome negative influence can be generalizations or complex theoriesbelief systemsMental models shape our perceptions what we value what we attend to and how we interact get built into fabric of social life through various social normsExample if we think someone is untrustworthy we act differently from the way we would if we believed otherwiseMental models can create inappropriateoutdated frames for understanding situations and shaping what we are trying to doThey provide basis for conflict and confusion people may be understanding same situation in different ways oChallenge mental models through surfacing mental models and promoting productive inquiry and dialogue about nature and appropriatenessRoyal Dutch ShellOrganizations can build capacity for challenging mental models into core practicesShell has long history in using scenario planning construct different scenarios about how future might unfoldoExamine current assumption and practice in open and critical way choose between different models claiming attentionCompany kept in touch with where they are and where they need to goDevelopment opportunities anticipated and accelerated learning spread throughout the company Hanover InsuranceHanover Insurance has policies requiring staff to surface and challenge mental models on an ongoing basis oNetwork of internal boards comprised of 2 senior managers advise local managers
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