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Cultivating TrustTrust needs to be earned people must gain confidence in you and your leadership abilities Targeted Advice1Honour your commitments fulfil your responsibilities to send powerful message that you can be trustedSets good example for others to follow stay true to your wordsSmall commitments make a big difference take responsibility for your actions 2Demonstrate empathy and caring understand and look out for the interest of others get to know them moreGet to know your peers their values concerns and prioritiesAdjust plans to accommodate others crisis support staff to promote positive work environment Cover up for other people when needed wementality3Be honest and open Share information do not disclose important information shows that you do not trust others with itShare all relevant information helps others do their jobs better and improves relationship Do not use information to manipulate people avoid telling others that deadline has been extended4Be generous with credit when credit is due people deserve and expect credit for achieving goals People need trust that you will apportion credit equally Do not take credit for work of othersMatch credit with significance of the accomplishment 5Be fair and reasonable Acknowledge others work equally try not to do favours for others presents sense of favouritism Do not let ones poor performance previously downgrade evaluation of success on new project 6Walk the walk never say one thing and do another be a visible role model live your messageTry to have a consistent behaviour act certain way with one team and differently with another Be the first to act on your set policiesoIf you insist that everyone learn a new computer application learn it yourself as wellCultivating Trust Quick Tips1Honour your commitments do not hide from commitments others will feel that your forgotSmallest shrinking for a leader will be noticed and discussed 2Emphasize Distance build distrust do not feel that you are any special than someone elseAnything that erodes your trust in others will have same impact for you3Stand behind your people encourage other people to be innovative and take manageable risksReinforce organization values and stand behind your people when mistakes occurBuilds trust and valuable relation capital 4Give credit when due everyone has claim to and expects credit for success praise generouslyGive appropriate credit to build trust and maintain positive team dynamics 5Do not promote favouritism sometimes friendsfamily are best for the job hold same standards with them as everyone elseIn public eye any favouritism feeds skepticism and distrust 6Do not fake itIntegrity counts admit to may not be able to meet high standards shortcomingsWork on improving mistakes than faking it or running away from problems Earn more respect representing yourself as whole person with flaws than preaching values that you dont hold or practiceRipple Effect of Words and Actions
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