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SingleLoop Learning can keep you on the wrong trackCreates a rut where individuals teamsorganizations get stuck on a course that is inappropriate for current and future needs doubleloop learning helps you break freeOverviewSingleloop learning process through which systems are able to regulate behaviour and maintain steady stateoLearning occurs when there is a focus on detection and correction of error so system can maintain steady statesystem scans and monitors information and takes corrective actions when undesirable deviations are spottedDoubleloop learning learning rests in ability to questionchallenge appropriateness of a systems rules and change them where necessary oLearning occurs when attention directed at norms and standards shaping the steady state context of learning is important High performance systems use single loop to produce operational efficienciesDouble loop leaning makes sure that strategic direction of the system is sound Use single loop learning system guide and control organizations performance against predetermined goals and targets ensure that organization is on track oBudgeting and accounting systems performance controls used to meet targetsoQuality measurement and reporting systemsoTelephone call centre systemsoScientific methods where experiments are used to refine experiments are used to refine and develop new theory Dont use single loop learning when challenges are shifting due to changing environmentA case studyCustomer service becomes new priority for large manufacturing company Quality Measurement group establishes system that will be reference point for measuring customer service Service Measurement Plan SMP undergoes modifications to adapt to corporate needs plan remains predominantly the same Large discrepancies between positive SMP scores and actual levels of customer satisfactionA lot of complaints about service quality and abuse of monopoly power created by patents Less than half of customers highly satisfiedoThe report was developed internally and relied heavily on service delivery statistics than actual customer satisfaction scoresoManagers kept doing what they had done in the pastoUpdated regularly but updates did not capture significant changes taking place in broader environmento Ended up measuring the wrong things did not take double loop look at service standardsOccurrences of problems with SingleLoop SystemsLearningTasks and challenges change Targets and controls become outdatedsome management and information systems fail to evolve and lock you in the pastWrong metrics are usedSMP report was develop internally ignored customers actual satisfaction levelsNeed to ensure that right things are being measuredMeasurement and conformity displace critical thinking Managers base their behaviors on the reports If all seems to go well then they leave a situation aloneSaves time and effort only need to intervene when necessary sometimes manager may conform to single loop learning process built into the systemOverall effect is to create strong but inappropriate control systems
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