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Lecture 5

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WEEK 5 ENGAGING CUSTOMERS: THE IMPORTANCE OF MARKETING 5.1 LEARNING TO CHALLENGE MENTAL MODELS Mental models – an assumption of something in our head that is difficult to change Sometimes bright ideas are never developed because of mental models They lead to outdated frames of thinking and sometimes cause conflict because two people may view the same assumption differently We can challenge favoured ways of thinking by:  Surfacing mental models  Discussing them and seeing if they are appropriate Ways to promote constructive inquiry:  We become more aware of how we make leaps of abstraction – we are usually locked in a mental model and we generalize situations, and fail to see opportunities  We can keep an eye out for discontinuities – yesterday’s thinking may not work today (mental models can become outdated)  Achieve balance between inquiry and advocacy – we should be open-minded to different ideas. You have to inquire about a topic before you can accept it. It is often difficult to change mental model because of fear, anger, embarrassment, confusion, or uncertainty. Being able to question favoured ways to thinking is a critical management skill 5.2 SMALL CHANGES CAN CREATE LARGE EFFECTS Once there is a small change in the way something is done, the entire dynamic will start to change accordingly (acts as catalyst)  Change occurs through "differences that make a difference."  Differences make a difference when they sti
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